Gift Sets

A perfect way to introduce your friends, family or colleagues to the wonders of tea, we offer a wide selection of gift options to suit every taste and budget! Ranging from small gift bags to large baskets, you can create the ultimate tea lover’s gift, specific to your requirements, including a variety of teas, tea accessories and even sweet treats.

Simply contact us directly to discuss your gift choice and we will make it up for you! Prices will be confirmed upon placement of your order.

Gift Bag

Gift Bags

This crisp white bag is a simple and elegant way to share Clearview Tea Company tins and bags of tea.

Prices starting at $6

Gift Boxes

These boxes showcase three 50g tins of tea, a nice way to introduce a selection of Clearview Tea. We also offer six smaller sampler tins which give a wider choice and selection. A “tea ball” or strainer can be included, as well as a “sweet” (cookies or biscotti for example).

Prices range from $20 to $30

Gift Baskets

Our baskets are made to order and can include a teapot, a selection of teas, a “tea ball” or strainer, cookies or other sweet and other delicious items… the possibilities are endless!

Prices range from $25